Many of us may feel uneasy, or angry this week. And that is completely normal. Anger can be useful. But you have to be sure you’re taking care of your mental health. Here are some tips on elevating stress.

  1. Drink some tea. Tea is a comfort food for the mind. It’s warm, and natural and provides important nutrients that can be hard to find else where. And even if it’s a placebo, nothing feels better than cuddling up to big hot cup of tea.
  2. Exercise! Take that stress to the streets and run. Hit a punching bag. Lift weights. Move your body. It not only will provide yourself with a distraction and is obviously good for you psychically, but exercising also releases endorphins which make the body and the mind content.
  3. Divulge into fantasy. Let yourself be enveloped in fiction. Escapism in small doses is necessary. One can’t dwell on their fears forever. Play a video game. Read a book. Watch a movie. Try to pick one that makes you smile. Or maybe a little gratuitous violence is what you need. Just remember to separate the fact from the fiction, and come back to the real world when you’re ready.
  4. Talk to someone. You’re likely not the only person who feels the way you do. Meet with a friends and go to dinner. Talk about what makes you afraid, but also things that make the two of you happy. Be sure to not become a circle of sad sacks. But if you’re going to commune and dwell on your frustrations…
  5. PROTEST! Feeling sorry gets your nowhere. Mobilizing and organizing with those who share your anger can change the world! Join a local movement see how you can get involved. Support charities. Make signs. Use your feelings to propel you, not bury you!

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