Ways to Get Writing

Putting pen to paper can be harder than it should be sometimes. You may have a head full of ideas but can’t seem to get them out. With our phones, tablets, and computers we certainly have a lot of opportunity for distraction. But if you follow these helpful tips you can get going faster!

  1. Start with an outline. It doesn’t have to be academic or thorough, just centralize your ideas in one space where they can sit and fester.
  2. Set a timer. Try to set aside a specific amount of time that you will dedicate to writing without distractions. Then figure out a time frame for a break. Finally, set up your alarms! Work for 20 minutes then break for 5, rinse and repeat.
  3. Establish a routine! Following similar patterns helps your body and mind acclimate towards a task that might be daunting.
  4. Make some coffee. Not only will the caffeine help jumpstart your creative juices, but by drinking it every time you work your mind will recognize it’s go time when it smells that sweet brew.
  5. Go outside your comfort zone. Writing in bed or on the couch will be hard, because your body will want to relax. Take a walk to a local cafe and buckle down.
  6. When you’re not writing, read! Reading will not only help improve your technical skills as a writer, but it will also inspire your creativity!
  7. Eat desert first!  Joss Whedon’s advice for writing is to do what excites you first, and fill out the less exciting details later. Have a great idea for a climax? Write it out! The rest will come to you.
  8. Set reasonable goals! You’re not going to write a novel in one sitting. Pace yourself, work towards achievable goal posts, and don’t give up if you don’t conquer the mountain in one day.
  9. Reward yourself. Don’t focus on the work you haven’t done, celebrate the work you have done!
  10. Have fun with it! Writing should be rewarding, if you find yourself really struggling put it down for a bit and come back to it when it makes you smile again. Just don’t forget the deadline 😉

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