Vanquishing Injustice and Other High School Challenges

The student editorial board for O’Bryant High School’s latest book, They Don’t See What I See, did a lot of work discussing how to organize the book. There are amazing themes to be found in the writing, and the editorial board wanted to frame everything just right. In the book, you can see a narrative arc that takes students through the following stages:

  1. Stolen Innocence (Students realize the world is not perfect)
  2. Ideals/Stereotypes (Students see systems of oppression at work in the world)
  3. Us vs society (Students understand the depths of our broken world)
  4. Adaptation (Students learn to survive even though the world is broken)
  5. Advocacy (Students fightΒ to conquer inequality and injustices of the world)

While our writers are only 14 and 15 years old, you will see them evolve in a beautiful coming of age story. Look for They Don’t See What I See in our store at 3035 Washington street in Roxbury this week!


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