What Is a Gentleman?

“Being a gentleman is knowing what you value and showing respect to others.”

The other day I got to sit down briefly with Kaijie Zhou, a member of John D. O’Bryant’s Gentleman’s Club. We began with me asking what embodies a gentleman, and he discussed issues such as integrity, punctuality, and professionalism. He explained that “[the club] wear[s] a tie every time [they]’re meeting; dress shirt, dress shoes. It’s basically [about] being more formal and professional.”

What was most interesting to me, was the lack of gender present in these definitions and explanations of the club. I asked Kaijie if non-males could be Gentleman, and if someone would be able to be both a Gentleman AND a Lady (referring to O’Bryant’s Ladies Club of a similar nature). He again responded with the basic tenants of being a gentleman—honesty, respect, and integrity.

“We all have to act in a certain way. Even if you’re not a member of the club, if you value those things you can still consider yourself a gentleman.”

When I asked Kaijie who the most famous gentleman he knew was—the person with the most celebrity that embodies all these principles—he responded with Mr. Hines, the advisor of the club.

“He has all these values, and now he’s teaching them to us.”

Catch the Gentleman’s Club Thursdays from 2p-3p in Mr. Hines’ room!


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