Students on the American Dream in 2016

“If Donald Trump were to be the president, then us immigrants are done for life.”  -One of our 9th grade authors.

Our students are writing an amazing book about their experiences with the beauty and the struggle of the American Dream. It’s titled They Don’t See What I See, and it will be out in June.

Here are a few choice snippets from what they wrote on immigration.

“I thought, ‘I’m right here! It’s not just about random “immigrants”–you’re talking about me!’ 

“I felt invisible.”

“The things that I saw were things that a child should never witness.”

“I think that the American Dream is not real.”

“I fell into the American Nightmare.”

“My struggles taught me to stand up and push back against anything that attempts to keep me from my American Dream.”

“We can make the world better by letting more people see the reality of what it’s like to be an immigrant.”

“In the future, I want more people to see me and understand what it’s like.”

“We, too, have the right to be in this country.”


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