High School Survival Guide

Remember your very first day in high school? The school was big, the seniors were big, the teachers were big, and there was you, a little 14 year old. How did you manage to survive? How did you make it this far?

O’Bryant Seniors are paying it forward by compiling a publication of their advice for incoming freshmen, and we are already hearing some amazing bits of advice!

A few choice previews:

“Getting an F on a test is not the end of the world.”

“The ‘easy’ classes can be the hardest when you blow them off.”

“Make sure you to have your parents’ tax forms. Honestly, the financial aid process will go much smoother.”

“Have fun, work hard, and sleep, because sleep fixes everything.”

“Don’t forget to have fun and make new friends.”

“I felt alone for a while. If I could give myself advice, it’d be to get out there. Join clubs and teams and everything will get better.”

“Be nice to the Juniors when you’re a Senior!”





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