Mic Check: Is this thing on?

Name: Kieran Collier

School: Emerson College!

Major: Writing, Literature, and Publishing (with a concentration in Poetry)

Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

Height: 5’11″ (but my driver’s license says I’m 6’)

Five Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I play quidditch (yeah, the Harry Potter thing)
  2. I’ve broken the same tooth twice
  3. I was in a pop punk band in high school (we were awful)
  4. Airplanes freak me out
  5. Proud Bostonian and proud New York Yankees fan, which can be rough sometimes

I’m an 826 Boston Intern and I’ll be in The Writers’ Room all day on Thursdays, so come through and hang. Let’s talk about baseball or poetry or superheroes or pop punk or “The Office” or how orange is clearly the undisputed greatest color.


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