New Workshops in February!

Looking for something fun to do over February break? Look no further! 826 Boston is holding a series of workshops at their main cite in Egleston Square. These workshops will help you develop your writing, and try some new things! Here are some of the workshops happening that week!

Myths for the Modern

When: Wednesday, February 17th from 10am-12pm

Ages 14+. Luke McKinnon

Take this opportunity to put a modern spin on ancient myths. Have you ever wondered about the origin of Instagram? Or what really happens when you send a text? Create your own creation myths and tell the untold story behind some of our greatest (and weirdest!) inventions.

Cooking Up a Character:

When: Thursday, February 18th from 1-3pm

Ages 11-14. Jennifer Barnes and Sarah Casell

All characters start as an idea. How do you cook one up? Create a character recipe and learn how to bake compelling characters into the center of your stories.

Wrong for the Right Reasons: Writing the Anti-Hero

When: Friday, February 18th from 10am-12pm

Ages 11-14. Brad Babendir

The best characters are the ones that do bad things- but still get love from the audience. Discover how to draw the bad out of good characters and the good out of the bad in our workshop.

How to Protect Your Digital Life…Sometimes

When: Friday, February 18th from 1-3pm

Ages 14+. Ralph Bouquet. NOVA Labs

Do you trust the security of your text messages, Snapchats and web browser history? Do you know how much of your personal information is accessible to others online? Learn how to protect yourself in this workshop with NOVA’s Cybersecurity Lab!


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