Introductions Are In Order

Name: Garvan Giltinan (the Irish Intern)

Age: Somewhere between 20 and 70, but more in the 40ish rage. The upper end.

Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland.

Years in the U.S.: 22

Height: 6 Ft 1 in (in high heels, a little more)

Weight: Depends on what I have had for dinner, and how much.

Likes: Reading (every kind of book), Writing (fiction. Some of it quite weird, I’ve been told), Movies (I’ve seen many movies and even taught a few film classes), Yoga (don’t ask me to stand on my head or put my big toe up my nose. But I will get there), traveling (apart from going from Ireland to the U.S., I love to travel with my wife. And sometimes without her), animals (I volunteer one day a week with a cat shelter. I want to adopt more cats, but my wife says the 25 we have are just enough. Actually, the two.), learning (I am currently doing an M.F.A. in creative writing. The experience of learning and growing should never stop. When it does? You dead).

So that’s a little bit about me. I will be interning at The Writers’ Room on Thursdays, so come in and have a chat about your writing, books you are reading, films you have seen (I love horror movies), or cats you want to adopt (maybe our cat, Baby—she’s always jumping into the fridge).


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