Write Something: calling all students and teachers!

Beloved wordsmiths of the Western Hemisphere & 826 Writers’ Room Fans,

Please put your pen to paper, or your fingers to the keypad, and crank out a paragraph or two in celebration of 826 Boston’s collaboration with Berman Advertising. Our friends at Berman created Write Something, an interactive, community-wide storytelling platform. It’s live through December 31st and the story’s titled, “The Abominable Snow Kitten.” It begins like this:

Harold’s least favorite part of living in the Himalayas was the weather: never-ending flurries and blizzards. Yuck. The hailstorms were the scariest. Big chunks of ice slamming into the ground at high speed–and Harold, for as mean and mighty as he felt on the inside, was just a tiny snowkitten on the outside.…

Here’s the link to participate:


Please share via social media. It’s easy to Tweet at others and share your contribution via Facebook.

Thanks for playing!

The Writers’ Room Staff


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