Seniors:Come Work for The Writers’ Room!

If you are a senior, come work for The Writers Room!

Benefits for Seniors 

Looks good on College applications

Looks good for future internships/job opportunities

Improves writing skills

Gives back to the community

And More!

Tutors in their first year of college who have worked with us report that they have developed writing skills that have helped in their college classes.

Professors who have sent college students to tutor with us report that their students’ writing skills have improved due to tutoring.

Skills seniors will develop from Writers’ Room Internships

Revision and editing skills-mastery

Peer tutoring skills-mastery

Creative writing skills

Basic computer skills (word and Google Docs)

Basic graphic design/marketing skills (advertising student clubs)

Resume Building


Student must submit letters of recommendation from an English teacher with application.

All Applications must be submitted to Ms. Arbit. 

Deadline for application is 12/10 by 1:45pm.

Seniors must be in good academic standing for applications to be considered.

Email for more information









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