Kekla Magoon Visits the Writers’ Room!

The known facts surrounding the shooting death of sixteen-year-old Tariq Johnson are few. One the evening of June 2, at approximately 5:30pm., Johnson sustained two nine-millimeter gunshot wounds to the torso. Police officers arrived at 5:37pm. Johnson was pronounced dead at 6:02 P.M. by the EMTs at the scene.

How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon

Kekla Magoon visited the Writers Room on Tuesday, December 1st to discuss her book, “How it Went Down” with Mrs. Tamerat’s 9th grade English classes. Kekla Magoon is a New York City-based  author, editor , and speaker. She currently lives in Vermont. Kekla makes author visits and leads writing workshops for youth and adults around the country. Her visit was made possible by a partnership between 826 Boston and Wondermore. Students discussed and read excerpts from her book.



Students read excerpts from Kekla Magoon’s book, “How it Went Down.” Her book, “How it Went Down” which looks at a death from multiple perspectives, is very timely in light of the unfortunate recent shooting incident that happened this past Monday.


We encourage you to stop by the Writers Room to read her book. We have several copies available for you to borrow!



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