Rubix + Ice Cream Social = DIVINE

The second issue of Rubix is on sale now for $3 per copy! This is the very last week to snag the latest edition of the Writers’ Room literary magazine! Created by the superbly talented young authors and photographers at the John D. O’Bryant School for Mathematics and Science, Rubix Vol. 2 includes several mostly true (and several mostly untrue) tales of adventure and misadventure. Our writers are still at it, asking the hard questions like, “How did they know I was Batman?” (from Ina Dodoveci’s “The Jokers of Her Gotham”), and “France has amazing pastries and even better architecture, right? (from Sabrina Mohamed’s “Escape”).

Here we have students celebrating their latest literary achievement with readings of their work, a few slices of pizza, and friends in the splendid new Teen Room at the Copley branch of the BPL:


Lastly, we wanted to remind you that we are hosting a feast of frozen dairy goodness (that is, ice cream) this Thursday, June 11th, from 2PM to 3PM in the Writers’ Room to close out our academic year.


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