Presenting Your Spring Break Writing Workshops!

Prevent the dreaded Spring Break Brain Decay syndrome! Download a registration form for one of our free workshops for high schoolers. We got you covered this April:

Tuesday, April 21st 1PM-3PM: When I Was Your Age. Maybe the smell of onions reminds you of your grandpa, or the sound of thunder reminds you of your first dog. Our memories are linked to the senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, and, of course, sight. Using your five senses, you will learn how to make your memories come to life by writing your own short memoir! Teacher: Danielle Geller

Thursday, April 23rd 1PM-3PM Inside Edition: Guantánamo Bay. Guns. Torture. Intrigue. Misconceptions abound when you hear about Guantánamo Bay. Challenge your understanding of this contested space as you take on the role of journalist and create your own newspaper inspired by Cuban rafters detained at the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base. Teachers: Faye Charpentier & Kerry McDonough, Northeastern University


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