We have a new hobby.

Basically, Writers’ Room has taken up taxidermy. Pictured here is our latest prize, a boar culled from the wilds of Vermont. We have yet to christen the beast and are accepting suggestions to our name jar in the Writers’ Room. The swine is either male or female; both genders have tusks.

Before her head was parted from her shoulders and mounted on the wall of a high school basement, how did this pig spend her days? We would relish reading your story illustrating a day in the life of a wild pig. Or, write from the perspective of a New England ecologist, documenting the behavior and feeding habits of boars. Heck, you could even tell us about a time you ate a really tasty plate of bacon.

Maybe this will get you started: Wild boars are viewed as disease-carrying, crop-destroying pests throughout much of the United States. They breed year-round in litters of up to fourteen piglets each and are on a seemingly endless mission to uproot native vegetation, destroy ecosystems, and spread chaos generally. They are swift, lean, intelligent, and ruthless. When they aren’t trying to stamp out humanity, these hogs are busy eating their own young and cultivating up to seven inches of razor-sharp tusk.


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