It’s here!

Take a gander at the titanic teen talent in the first edition of Rubix, a literary magazine brought to you by the outrageously gifted writers and poets of the John D. O’Bryant School in collaboration with the 826 Writers’ Room. Last Friday, newly minted authors performed their pieces before  friends and family at the Haley House in Roxbury. They served up some serious artistic chops while we in the audience feasted on massive chocolate chip cookies.

Check out this excerpt from O’Bryant student Anges Ugoji’s A Poet’s Heart:

“I am a poet.
A versifier.
A lyricist.
A composer of diction.
An artist of words.

My mind flows with words ready to be spat on to paper.
Ideas flow through my veins and inspiration pumps from my heart.
A poet’s heart.”

Be dazzled by the bevy of fiction, non-fiction, and poetic works here, and don’t forget to submit your own piece on this very website! Additionally, a beautifully bound copy of Rubix is available for $3 purchase in the Writers’ Room Monday through Thursday. We look forward to seeing you!


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