That’s quite enough winter, thank you.

(Pictured: The frozen hellscape that was once Boston)

Remember when we craved snow, and wished everyday of December for a heaping pile of it? How we longed for icicle studded roofs, tree branches glistening with frost, a delicate latticework of crystal encasing our windows….We brought this upon ourselves.

Let’s just accept that no one is going to school ever again. Where are we at now in Boston, like six snowdays? That’s more time to hone your skills as an author! Writers will be invaluable in the chaotic aftermath of the snowpocalypse. (Or snowmageddon, whichever you prefer).

While our fair city endures what is surely the second Ice Age, let us consider extreme weather writ large. Tornados, for example, are excruciatingly awesome. You, once but a humble high schooler, are now a seasoned tornado chaser. Write an excerpt from your storm tracking log. What does it look like, what does it sound like, from the center of a cyclone?

(Are snow-tornados a thing? Nah, no way that’s a thing.) (OH NO YOU GUYS IT’S DEFINITELY A THING.)


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