Happy National Poetry Day!

I love you,
dear poem. I love you
because you hold pain up upon
the quiet of your palm, raising it
so I might see it in the best possible light. (“Dear Poem,” Cyril Wong)

It’s National Poetry Day! Take time today to grab a napkin, a cell phone, or the back of your math homework and scribble down a few lines of verse. If you have something written already, think about entering one of the many poetry contests open to young writers.

Here at the Writers’ Room, we’re looking for submissions of poetry, short fiction, photography, art, and nonfiction for the first volume of our brand new literary magazine Rubix. Submit to Rubix here.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little farther from home, try submitting a poem of under forty lines and the $3 entrance fee to the Massachusetts State Poetry Society’s Annual Poet’s Choice Contest by November 1st.

If your interests are more along the lines of slam poetry and scholarship money, check out Power Poetry’s current contests here and here.

On November first, the submission period for the New Voices Young Writers Competition begins.

And if you’re over 17, the 2014 National Poetry Competition is now open to unpublished poetry from writers around the world.

For more competitions, magazines, and more open to receiving poetry from young people, explore the Young Poets Network’s website, like them on Facebook, or follow them at @youngpoetsnet on Twitter.

If you’re looking for inspiration, the theme of 2014’s National Poetry Day is “remember.” Or you can check out one of the thousands of poems collected by the Poetry Foundation here, or tackle one of the Poetry School’s writing prompts.

Write on!


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