Look, You’re Famous!–Student Prompt Response

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In response to last week’s (October 8th) prompt: Describe an event that changed your life forever.

Learning From Your Mistakes

Written by Jennyfer Frederico

Even as I sit here and write a response to this prompt I shake my head. It was a Wednesday morning, and it was also the day of pep rally. My freshmen year at O’B had been everything but expected, my classes were harder than I thought they were going to be, the school halls were packed, and the amount of books I had to carry was a force. The day that changed my life forever was the day I skipped class with two of my friends on a day that I had a notebook test in my math class. Mind you, this was the class that I was struggling in and this was an opportunity for me to get an easy A and raise my grade, but I decided to skip class.

That day involved a lot of hiding and avoiding any teachers that passed by, and of course I ended up going to pep rally–as if I was going to let my ticket go to waste. Once, I got home I realized that my teacher had called my parents and they weren’t really mad, but all weekend all I was able to think about was what was going to happen when I got to school the following Monday. Once that day came, my gateway program coordinator told me that I had to bring my parent to the school because I was having a suspension hearing. I went from the girl who had straight-A’s in middle school, to the girl with a suspension hearing in a span of five months. We had the suspension hearing and during that meeting my teacher showed me the score of the previous test, and I got an 80. My highest score in that class all year.

I will never forget that moment. That mistake of skipping school changed my life in a way that I’m glad because I learned from it. In the end, isn’t that what high school’s about? Learning from your mistakes?


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